Water Care

BaquaSpa – With BaquaSpa Water, water feels the way it should – fresh. The active anti-bacterial ingredient in BaquaSpa lasts much longer than traditional spa treatments so you spend less time testing and balancing and more time enjoying your spa.

Baquacil – Pool Care System provides complete protection against bacteria and algae – without the harsh effects of chlorine. It is ideal for any type of pool: in-ground, above-ground, fiberglass, vinyl or plaster. BAQUACIL’s been keeping pools clear without chlorine for over 20 years.

BioGuard – We encourage the program approach to pool care. Simply put, it’s the easiest way to sparkling clear pool water. Our customized 3-Step programs, Mineral Springs® and non-chlorine SoftSwim® products are convenient and effortless. You’ll spend only minutes per week maintaining beautiful pool water.

SilkBalance – A spa water care treatment program that leaves your water silky and soft, provides crystal-clear water, creates an odor-free environment, maintains continuous, pure water quality, balances water levels (pH and alkalinity), prevents spikes in water levels, making water care easier, and is so simple to use.

ACE-Salt Water System  – learn more